Smartphones and Teenagers [55-Minute Lesson]

Written by Liliana Rodrigues



I. Warm-up

      A. Complete the sentences with your own words: 

1. I always take my phone to _____________.

2. I turn off my mobile phone when ___________.

3. I call _____________ everyday.

4. My favorite app is ____________.

5. I would like to get a ____________ (brand name) smartphone.


      B. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Why?

1. Smartphones are too expensive.

2. Texting is always better than calling. 

3. Teachers should allow students to use their smartphones in class. 

4. My friends are addicted to texting.


II. Grammar 

A. Phrasal verbs 

Phrasal verbs are verbs that are made up of a main verb together with an adverb or a preposition, or both. Typically, their meaning is not obvious.

Example: hang up = To end the telephone call by breaking the connection.

                I'm sorry, but I have to hang up now. Mom just arrived home.


B. Matching Exercise 

Directions: Match the phrasal verbs (1-6) to their definitions (a-f). Then make sentences. 

Phrasal Verbs:

1. hold on / hang on 

2. call back 

3. speak up 

4. get through

5. pick up 

6. put through 



a. to contact by telephone

b. to return a phone call

c. to answer the phone

d. to wait for a short time

e. to speak louder

f. to connect by telephone with someone else


III. Listening

A. Listen to the first phone call here and discuss it with your teacher. 


1. Describe a receptionist's job. 

2. What phrasal verbs did she use?

3. Would you like to have a job like this? Why or why not?


B. Listen to the second phone call here and answer the following comprehension questions. 

 Comprehension Questions:  

1. What department did Jennifer call and who did she want to talk to? 

2. Why was he not available? 

3. Who is going to call back? Jennifer or Adrian?

4. What is the receptionist's responsibility? Do you think she will do a good job?


III. Grammar

 Abbreviation involves shortening a word.

Example: YOLO = You only live once

What do you think the following abbreviations mean in these text messages?

1. CU L8R 

2. OMG UR so funny!

3. LOL

4. THX 4 that 

5. Cya 2nite 


IV. Wrap-up

A. Conversation 

1. If you miss a call from an unknown number do you call it back?

2. If your Mom would call you in the middle of a class, would you pick up the phone?

3. What should you do before hanging up the phone?

4. When you text do you use any similar abbreviations in your language? 


B. Writing

1. Think about 3 features you don't like about your phone. Write a short complaint about them. 

2. Do you feel like your phone can be improved? Write 3 suggestions that could make it work better.



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Grammar Point: