School House Rock: Conjunctions (In Progress)

 Written by Gaby Van Horn



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Pre-Listening Activites


I. Warm-Up 


1.  What do you think conjunctions are?

2. When do you think it would be helpful to use them?


II. Useful Vocabulary

     Instructions: Match the following words/phrases etc, with their synonyms/meanings. 

(There will be unknown words/expressions in the listening activity. Please make sure that you add the vocabulary and its meanings/synonyms. Make sure that the meanings match the level of the students. Five words/phrases are enough. If you find that there is more vocabulary, please add a Glossary at the end of your lesson where you will add the extra vocabulary, and its meanings. The student should have a complete lesson they can refer to in the future.)


1. function (noun)                                                                                                    a.

2. balance                                                                                                               b.

3. additive                                                                                                                c.

4. function (verb)                                                                                                     d.

5. sort of                                                                                                                  e.





Having completed the above, now you should add a link to the listening/ add the link in every part of the 'While Listening Section' to make it easier for the student and yourself. Please, try to add the transcript if available for teachers to refer to if needed on another lesson page and add a link ( For Teachers) The Listening Tasks should be in chronological order. Add the time eg 1.12 mins - 1.14 mins in each part. Remember that Beginners may need to listen more than twice.


While Listening Activities


IV. Listening For Main Ideas  (Use this question or something similar - Which of these topics are the people discussing /is the person referring to etc?)

     Instructions: Listen to part of the listening task and choose the correct answer from those below. 00:17-00:47


1. How should you use conjunctions?

2. What are the top three conjunctions?


V. Gapfill  1

    Instructions: Fill in the blanks as you listen. If needed, listen a second time. 00:48-1:47

1. 'And' that's an _____, like _____ or ________.

2. 'But' that's sort of the ______. ______ this ______ that.

3. And there's _____. Where you have a _______ like this or that.


VI. Gapfill  2

      Instructions: Fill in the blanks as you listen. If needed, you can listen a second time. 1:48-3:22







 Post - Listening Activities 


VI. Final Discussion ( Add 2 questions based on what the student has heard. Do they agree/disagree,etc./brief summary etc)

      Instructions: Answer the following questions based on the listening task. Discuss your views with your teacher.


1. How would you describe what a conjunction is to a friend?

2. Pick three of your favorite examples from the video.


VI. Homework

      Instructions: Choose one of the two tasks below, and present it to your teacher the next lesson. 


 (This is not part of the listening lesson it consolidates the vocabulary from it. Give the students a choice of two tasks. For beginners make it easy. Repetition of what they have learned,a simple dialogue, etc. Homework should be presented in the next class. )


Task 1: Write 9 phrases: 3 with 'and', 3 with 'or' and 3 with 'but'

Task 2: 



 VII. Possible Lessons For Next Class (Use one grammar lesson,based on grammar in the listening task,and one full lesson for Beginners)


1. Title:

    Skill area:

     Click here for the lesson.

2. Title:

    Skill area:

    Click here for the lesson.


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