Prison Break: The World's Safest Bank [Unpublished]

Written by: Risheka Snowden

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I. Warm-up

A. Conversation

1. Mario is doing time for a murder he commited twelve years ago.

2. He never thought he would end up in prison; however, the Judge thought differently.

3. Mario hopes that some day he will be released, but his mother is doubtful.


B. Vocabulary



1. Bank

2. Inmate

3. Release

4. Save

5. Doing Time

6. Money



a. [Noun] A financial instituation for lending, saving, exchanging, and borrowing money.

b. [Noun] A person that in confined to a prison due to the fact that they commited or was charged for a crimminal act.

c. [Verb] To relese from confinement.

d. [Verb] To put money aside for a future period.

e. The amount of time that a person will have to remain in prison.

f. [Noun] A form of currency that is used for purchaing and selling goods. (Examples: Coins, Bills, Etc.)


II. Listening (0:19 - 0:39)


Main Ideas

Directions: Listen to a report on Prison Break: The World's Safest Bank. What is the main idea?



Directions: Read the questions. Then, listen to the report again and answer the questions

1. Do you think having a prison in a bank is a good idea? Why or why not?
2. What beneficial and useful work skills do you think these inmates learn while working at the bank inside of the prison?
3. Do you think that a program like this would work in your country? Why or why not?


III. Past Tense

A. Explanation

A verb in the past tense expresses an activity or action that occured in the past. Examples are the simple past and repetitive past.

1. Some imiates decided they wanted to start a bank in the prison.
2. In order to make the bank sucessful, they needed to get the approval of the prison wardon. 

3. The wardon approved their request and the bank opened in the beginning of 2014.


B. File-in-the-blank 


Directions: File-in-the-blank for the following sentences.


1. There are twenty-two hundred _________________ in the prison. [Bank/Inmates]

2. Mario is trying to save ________________ for when he is realsed in May. [Money/Doing Time]

3. Bruno is  _________________ for arm robbery. [Save/Doing Time]

4.  The inmates appreciate the idea of having a ___________________ inside of the prison. [Money/Bank]

5.  Hopefully Mark will be __________________ before his youngest daughter turns 19 in the fall. [Released/Save]


IV. Vocabulary Review


1. Bank

2. Inmate

3. Release

4. Save

5. Doing Time


6. Money


V. Wrap-up

A. Practice Reading

Most of the inmates are excited to have a bank inside of the prison. For example, working at the bank has allowed Mario to save $8,000.00. He plans to use this money towards a down payment of a house once he is realeased from prison in the Fall. 



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