Making Sales (Vocabulary) [55-Minute Lesson] [Draft]

Written by Kenny



I. Warm-up

A. Conversation

1. What do you like about shopping? What don't you like?

2. When did you last visit these retail outlets? What did you buy?

      • a (street) market
      • a convenience store
      • a supermarket
      • a department store
      • a specialist retailer
      • a shopping center/mall
      • an online retailer


II. Vocabulary

A. Choose the best word (a, b, or c) to complete each sentence.

1. A __________________ is another name for a "producer".

a. supplier

b. distributor

c. manufacturer

2. Suppliers often sell large quantities of goods to __________________, who do not usually sell directly to consumers.

a. wholesalers

b. retailers

c. manufacturers

3. We offer a __________________ to customers who buy in bulk.

a. refund

b. discount

c. delivery

4. We ask customers who are not fully satisfied to __________________ goods within seven days.

a. discount

b. refund

c. return

5. In order to get a full __________________, customers must send back goods in the original packaging.

a. discount

b. refund

c. return

6. Goods will be __________________ within 24 hours of your order.

a. dispatched

b. purchased

c. exchanged

7. Goods are kept in our __________________ until ready for delivery.

a. stock

b. storage

c. warehouse

8. Products and services offered at a large discount are generally a(n) __________________.

a. sale

b. bargain

c. offer 

B. Combine phrases from the two lists below to make collocations (word partnerships). Use the definitions (1-8) below to help you. Follow the example given in #1.

after-sales • cooling-off • credit-card • interest-free • loyalty-card • method of • money-back • out of

credit • details • guarantee • payment • period • scheme • service • stock

1. the time when you can change your mind and cancel an order ___cooling-off period______

2. the name, number and expiration date on your payment card _______________

3. the way you pay for the goods you want _______________

4. when you can pay some time after you buy, but at no extra cost _______________

5. when the goods you require are not available _______________

6. a promise to return your money if you are not happy _______________

7. the help you get from a company when you start to use their product _______________

8. method for customers to obtain a discount on future purchases from the same organization _______________

III. Discussion

A. Review this list of retail outlets from the Warm-up section:

      • a (street) market
      • a convenience store
      • a supermarket
      • a department store
      • a specialist retailer
      • a shopping center/mall
      • an online retailer

B. Review this list of collocations (word partnerships) from the Vocabulary section:

      • cooling-off period
      • credit-card details
      • method of payment
      • interest-free credit
      • out of stock
      • money-back guarantee
      • after-sales service
      • loyalty-card scheme

C. Using the vocabulary listed in A and B above, explain where you would shop for each of the items listed below. Also, explain what factors you would consider before making your decision to purchase.

      • a pair of shoes
      • music
      • fruit
      • a bottle of perfume or cologne
      • holiday reservations
      • a watch or a piece of jewelry
      • furniture
      • a book
      • concert tickets




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