Learn to listen - The World Wide Web

Written by Liliana Rodrigues

                                                                                                                                                   Transcript here / Video here



Pre-Listening Activites 

I. Lead-In  

   1. Look at the above pictures. What are they about?

   2. What does "www" stand for? Do you know who invented it?


II. Useful Vocabulary

     Instructions: Match the following words/phrases etc, with their synonyms/meanings. 

1. Interchangeable                           a. make (a device or system) operational; activate.

2. Emerge                                        b. to give someone something that they need

3. Seamlessly                                  c. not firmly held or fastened in place, or not tightly controlled

4. Enabled                                       d. to become known or develop as a result of something

5. Stored                                         e. extremely important or necessary

6. Crucial                                        f. a company that supplies something such as electricity, gas, or water to the public

7. Provide                                      g. to work or cause something to work, be in action, or have an effect

8. Utility companies                       h. keep or accumulate (something) for future use.

9. loose                                          i. able to be exchanged with each other without making any difference; equivalent

10. operate                                     j. without any sudden changes, interruptions, or problems


Listening - ( 00.00 - 3.55 mins )


While Listening Activities


IV. Listening For Main Ideas  ( 00.00 - 00.31 secs )

     Instructions: Listen to part of the task and choose the correct answer. What is the video about? 

1. The Internet

2. Political Revolutions

3. The world wide web



V. Listening For Details  ( 00.28 - 2.10 mins )

   Instructions: Read over the following questions. Then, watch the video once. If you need to, please listen a second time to find the answers.


1. Why do some people confuse the internet with the Web?

2. What is the Internet?

3. What can we compare the world wide web with? Why?

4. What would you have to do to start your own website?

5. Which are some of the web languages mentioned? Do we need to learn them?



VI. Gapfill  ( 2.10 - 2.32 mins 

     Instructions: Fill in the blanks as you listen. If needed, you can listen a second time. Watch your spelling.


  1. And just like no one owns a city, no one owns the .......; it belongs to ....... of us. Anyone can move in and ....... shop.

  2. We might have to ....... an Internet service provider to gain ......., a hosting company to rent ......., or a registrar to reserve our ........

  3. Like utility ....... in a city, these companies provide ....... services, but in the end, not even they own the ........



VII. Multiple Choice Questions  ( 2.32 - 3.54 mins

       Instructions: Listen and choose the correct answer from the four possible choices. Be prepared to support your choice.


1. How was information previously consumed?

   a. from the left to the right

   b. in a linear fashion - from beginning to end

   c. through meta guiding


2. The way our brains work is compared to a ...

   a. web

   b. net

   c. tangle


3. Who is the father of the Internet?

   a. Tim Lee Berners

   b. Tim Berney

   c. Tim Berners-Lee


4.  What allows the Web to operate the same way as our thought patterns?

   a. links

   b. hyperlinks 

   c. HTML



Post - Listening Activities 


VIII. Final Discussion 

      Instructions: Answer the following questions based on the listening task. Discuss your views with your teacher.


1. How would your life be different without the World Wide Web? 

2. In the video, it was mentioned that "no one owns the Web". Do you agree?

3. If you were to start a website what would it be about? Why? 



IX. Homework 

         Instructions: Choose one of the two tasks below, and present it to your teacher next lesson. 


Task 1: Describe what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Web?

Task 2: There are many inventors around the world. How does Tim Berners-Lee feel about his invention? Find an article and discuss it with your teacher after reading it yourself.

            Here is a link that may help you, but there are many articles online you can choose from.



X. Possible Lessons For Next Class


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    Skill area: phrasal verbs and listening skills

     Click here for the lesson.


2. Title: Youtubers are the new stars

    Skill area: Idioms

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