Learn To Listen - Evil Clone Armies or Cyborgs?




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Pre-Listening Activites


I. Lead-In  


1. Look at the pictures. Can you describe them? 

2. What do you know about cloning? Have you ever heard about Dolly the sheep? 

3. Need some further information before watching? No problem. Read here.


II. Useful Vocabulary 

    Instructions: Match the following words/phrases etc, with their synonyms/meanings. Check Glossary for further vocabulary.



1. evil (adj)                                                                               a. make an exact copy of / reproduce SYN duplicate 

2. reproductive (adj)                                                                 b. to a moderately high degree; fairly 

3. stem cell (n)                                                                          c. not representative of a type, group / class

4. organ (n)                                                                               d. rectangular pre-baked toaster pastries with a sugary filling

5. pretty (adv)                                                                            e. make / be an exact copy of SYN replicate 

6. aptypical (adj)                                                                        f. profoundly immoral and wicked SYN base; ignoble; diabolical  

7. notion (n)                                                                               g. able to reproduce (produce offspring)

8. duplicate (v)                                                                           h. conception / belief about sth

9. replicate (v)                                                                            i. an unspecialised cell that can be created into specialised cells 

10.pop-tart (n)                                                                            j. a self-contained part of an organism which has a vital function




Listening ( 00.00 - 2.54 )



While Listening Activities


III. Listening For Main Ideas ( 00.00 - 00.24 secs )

     Instructions: Listen to part of the task and choose the correct answer. What is the video about?


1. The cloning of animals.

2. Evil clone armies taking over the world.

3. Cloning technology and it's significance.


IV. Listening For Details ( 00.24 - 00.54 secs )

   Instructions:Read over the following questions. Then, listen/watch the video/audio track once. If you need to,please listen a second time. 


1. Does cloning have a greater role to play in medicine and science in the future? 

2. Will the reproductive side of cloning be important in the future? 

3. What are stem cells going to be used for? 

4. Is science fiction realistic about cloning? 

5. How does Hollywood feel about the issue of cloning? 


V. Gapfill  ( 00.25 - 1.21 mins )

     Instructions: Fill in the blanks as you listen. If needed, you can listen a second time. Watch your spelling.


    1. Cloning fears, play on a ........ of things.

    2. They sort of ........... our ............ of .............. and individuality.

    3. They also, sort of, ......... the issue of well, how much of who you are can be ............. or ........... or manufactured.

    4. But even if a .......... person was created, that doesn't mean it would be an ......... copy of the ............... .

    5. We're not ............. the kind of ................ readout of our ............... .




VI. Multiple Choice Questions ( 1.21 - 2.06 mins )

       Instructions: Listen and choose the correct answer from the four possible choices. Be prepared to support your choice.


1. If a a clone of ourselves were to be developed ...

   a. it would have different experiences than us.

   b. it would be an exact copy of us with no differences whatsoever.

   c. it would have more experiences than we have.

   d. it would not be as experienced as we are.


2. Some say that they have actually cloned a human infant

   a. and feel it is immorally justified.

   b. but they have never proven it.

   c. however, the proof has been deformed and unnatural.

   d. although the delivery was in secret. 


3. Kaplan and Murray believe

   a. that cloning for both reproduction and stem cell research are equally wrong.

   b. that cloning in reproduction would be a positive development.

   c. that a human version of Dolly is just around the corner

   d. that there should not be an outright ban on cloning.



VII. Correct The Mistakes 

      Instructions: Listen and try to correct the following errors in your task.


 Arthur Caplan - I think we don't need to be worried about efforts to improve, enhance and optimise animals either by putting

                          technology into them,or by  changing their physical makeup.

 Jorge Rivas - Oh great! So instead of evil cyborg armies to deal with, we'll just have to worry about evil clone armies.

                          I think we have much more to worry about with clones than I do cyborgs. 




Post - Listening Activities 


VIII. Final Discussion 

       Instructions: Answer the following questions based on the listening task. Discuss your views with your teacher.


1. Do you agree with the views in this video? Do you think that cloning is not as dangerous as developing cyborgs?

2. What do you think needs to be done so that this newborn science does not become dangerous? Can anything be done on a global scale?



IX. Homework

      Instructions: Choose one of the two tasks below,and present it to your teacher next lesson. 


Task 1: Write an essay abut the benefits and drawbacks on cloning? ( about 250-300 words) Correct with your teacher and discuss your views.

Task 2: Create a PPT describing the history (short) of cloning. Add a couple of slides describing the possible future ramifications



1. merely (adv) - just; only 

2. readout (n) - a visual record / display of the output from a computer / scientific instrument 

3. genome (n) - a set of chromosomes in each cell of a multicellular organism / complete set of genes in a multicellular organism

4. honorary (adj) - conferred as an honour; SYN nominal eg an honorary degree

5. unjustified (adj) - not shown to be right or reasonable 

6. ban (n) - officially / legally prohibit sth SYN prohibit; forbid; embargo 

7. deformity (n) - malformation (of the body)

8. offspring (singular / plural n) - a person's child / children 

9. red herring (n)  - fact / information that takes the attention away from a central issue 

10.pressing (adj) - requiring quick / immediate attention / action

11.bioethics (n)  - the study of controversial ethical issues stemming from new advances in biology and science 

12.enhance (v) - intenisfy, increase the quality of sth

13.optimise (v) - make the best / most effective use of sth ( situation / resource )

14.cyborg (n) - fictional / hypothetical person whose physical / mental abilities are extended beyond normal human abilities by                                       mechanical elements built into the body.




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