Daredevils Breaking Records [55-Minute Lesson]


Written by Liliana Rodrigues



 I. Warm-up

A. Take your pick

1. When you hear the word sport, do any of the words below come to your mind? Which ones? Explain why. 

            football - Olympics - fun - basketball - playing - jumping - ball - heights - fast - friends - ocean 


2. What makes sports so popular? You can choose one or more words from the list below to help you explain. 

               breaking records - money - exciting - fame - making history - awesome - crazy - dangerous


B. Conversation

1. Do you prefer to watch sports or play them? Why?

2. Is there any sport or activity you would like to learn?

3. What do you think is the most dangerous sport?

4. Have you ever done any extreme sports?


B. Vocabulary

Directions: Match the words and expressions (1-8) to their definitions (a-h). Then make sentences. 


1. skydiving 

2. plunge

3. free fall

4. parachute

5. touch down

6. feat 

7. Daredevil

8. leap out 



a. an act of jumping into something

b. a piece of equipment made of a large piece of special cloth that is fastened to a person or thing that is dropped from an aircraft, in order to fall slowly and safely to the ground

c. an act that shows skill, strength, or bravery

d. a sport in which a person jumps from an aircraft and falls for as long as possible before opening a parachute

e. an occasion when something or someone falls quickly under the influence of gravity 

f. to jump out

g. a person who enjoys taking part in extreme sports and other activities involving physical risk

h. to land


II. Reading

A. Text

Directions: Before reading, preview the comprehension questions. 

Click here to read (Paragraph 1 to 9)


B. Comprehension Questions

1. Why did this skydiving experience make news?

2. What do you think crossed their minds while they were freefalling? 

3. How many other people are ready for the same challenge?

4. How much would it cost to have the same experience?

5. What was different about their skydiving equipment? Why?


          C. Read each statement below carefully and find out if they agree with the information given in the text (TRUE) or not (FALSE).

1. Three skydivers jumped off the top of Mount Everest. (True/False)

2. All skydivers were male. (True/False)

3. The parachutes used in the jumps were half the usual size. (True/False)

4. An onlooker said the skydivers flew with rare bluebirds in the sky. (True/False

5. The parachutists broke skydiving records. (True/False)




III. Grammar

A. Verbs - Play, Do and Go.

Have you ever wondered what verb to use when talking about sports? Is it playdo or go?

Do I say "play soccer" or "do soccer"? What about jogging? Is it "do jogging" or "go jogging"? 

Click here to learn the differences and discuss them with your teacher. 


 B. Fill-in-the-blanks

Directions: Complete the following sentences using the right verb in the correct form.

1.  Do you want to ____ (play, do or go) hiking with me?

2. Have you ever ____ (play, do or go) ice-hockey?

3. They ____ (play, do or go) sailing yesterday.

4. ____ (play, do or go) chess is a good mental exercise. 

5. She ____ (play, do or go) aerobics at the gym.

6. I ____ (play, do or go) athletics at school.


IV. Grammar

A. Adjectives with -ed and -ing endings

Picture this situation: If you are watching a movie you don't really like, would you say: "I'm bored" or "I'm boring"?

Another situation: If a boy in your class is making a lot of noise, would you say: "He's annoyed" or "He's annoying"?


These adjectives can be a bit confusing, so let's learn more about them. Click here to watch a video about this.

      Adjectives that end ‘-ed’ describe how people feel about something.

Adjectives that end ‘-ing’ describe the thing that causes the emotion.


B. Choose the right adjective in each of the sentences below

1. I don’t understand baseball. The rules are very confused / confusing. 

2. He was embarrassed / embarrassing when he lost the game. 

3. Surfing can be quite relaxed / relaxing.  

4. Training every day is tired/tiring. 

5. Robert thinks that roller coasters are terrified / terrifying. 

6. I think that mountains are fascinated / fascinating. I love to read about them. 

7. I was disappointed / disappointing when my parents told me that I was not allowed to go skiing. 


V. Wrap-up

A. Vocabulary review. 

1. What was the most spectacular thing you have ever seen?

2. Do you believe that daredevils are never scared? Why / why not?

3. Name three boring sports.

4. Have you ever felt over the moon after playing some kind of sport? If so, can you describe what happened?


B. Writing

Directions: Choose one from the following or an assignment of your own:

1. Think about your favorite type of extreme sport. How would you convince your parents to let you do it? Using some of the vocabulary and grammar from above, write three strong arguments that would grant your parents' consent. 

1. What motivates thrill-seekers to do dangerous things? Using some of the vocabulary and grammar from above, summarise your opinion about this in one-paragraph.


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